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© 2018 TJR Designs, LLC  |  480.940.7767  |  e: tom@tjrdesigns.com  |  w: www.tjrdesigns.com

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    Company founder Tom Rodriguez has created exceptional marketing and public relations materials for corporate, small business, non-profit and public sector clients in the Phoenix area. He is not only an experienced designer, but also an award-winning illustrator.

    TJR Designs specializes in the layout and design of brochures, publications, books, advertisements, logos and other custom marketing items.

    Tom Rodriguez founded TJR Designs in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997.

    TJR Designs has a varied clientele including several small companies, non-profit organizations, public relations firms and book publishers. Through the years, the range of Tom's design work has extended from logos, packaging design, and advertisements to promotional materials such as brochures, posters, and even billboards.

    A graphic artist by profession, Tom is also an award-winning illustrator and he frequently uses his drawing talents in his graphic design work.


    TJR Designs creates custom logos which communicate the identity of a company, Branding columnCLICKorganization or event at a glance. Tom Rodriguez understands that the logo is at the center of any effective brand and he works with clients to ensure his design matches their vision.


    Tom Rodriguez’ original illustrations set him apart from other designers. Tom has provided custom artwork for books and incorporated his illustrations into logos, posters and many other marketing materials.


    Every book cover tells a story,  beckoning the reader inside.  Designing for different genres such as sci-fi, mystery, western, religion or a love stories, TJR Designs has "covered" them all.

    Designer, Tom Rodriguez consistently transforms the vision of the author into a compelling covers which draws in the reader and sets the tone for the entire literary work.


    Companies large and small, non-profit organizations and public relations firms rely on us to create  brochures, posters, publications and other high-quality marketing materials.

    Helping to enhance an organization's marketing plan by creating eye-catching designs is only part of service provided by TJR Designs. Whether it be designing for a single project or creating all items for a large event, we make sure to complete everything in a quick and efficient manner.



    TJR Designs uses stunning visuals and creative design layouts to create advertisements that catch the eye of the reader, while also conveying the message in a clear and concise way. We have designed ads for small companies and large corporate events helping to promote various products and promotions.